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Welcome to the website for the Great Little Gallery in Port Angeles, Washington.

The art gallery features the work of local artists and is located at the corner of Front and Race Street in the Port Angeles Business Central building.

Featured Artists in Port Angeles, Washington

Tap on any of the links below to visit the pages of our featured artists and see their works that are located in the gallery

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A Port Angeles Art Gallery ~ The Great Little Gallery

The Great Little Gallery features the works of local artists.  We invite you to come in and see the works of some great, local artists.  


The Great Little Gallery is housed in the Port Angeles Business Central building and is managed by its staff.  Business Central also serves as the office for Best Way Websites, which is the "parent" company.

Purchasing Art from the Great Little Gallery

You may purchase the art anytime the gallery is open and we accept checks and all major credit cards.  If you are making a credit card or debit card purchase, you will see a charge for Best Way Websites on your credit card statement.

You may also make a purchase for any item in the gallery by phone - ALL items in the gallery are shown in our website's photo gallery.

Some pieces may also have direct purchase links on our website.

What's In The Gallery?

Every piece of work that is in our physical gallery will also be represented in our website photo gallery, which we keep meticulously updated!  You will also find links to our artists own websites.  They will often have more available that is not housed in our gallery.  You may visit their websites to see more of their work.

The Website is also a Local Artist's Online Directory

There are other fine, local artists whose works do not appear in the Great Little Gallery, but you can find the artists listed here on this website on our More Local Artists page.  Their page on our website will show some of their work and will include their bios and other information as well as complete contact information and links to their own websites.

Special Event Sales

We have special event and seasonal sales that will be posted on our website, events calendar and promoted via our facebook page as well.  You'll not want to miss out on these!  Be sure and connect with us and we'll be sure to keep you informed!

Private Artist Shows

Each of our artists also have the opportunity to host private shows as our calendar permits.  These private shows will also be noted on our website and facebook page.  If you connect with us, we will keep you updated about these, too.


Port Angeles Art Gallery - the Great Little Gallery!